Universal Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Popular food in Rome 5 letters PASTA
Opposite of trans 3 letters CIS
Blue Ribbon beer brand 5 letters PABST
Say suddenly with out 5 letters BLURT
Second Twitter account in slang 3 letters ALT
Arrange as a toga 5 letters DRAPE
Singer-songwriter Joplin 5 letters JANIS
Jazz instrument made of rough fabric informally? 9 letters BURLAPSAX
Cut with scissors 4 letters SNIP
Traveling through 3 letters VIA
Demolition letters 3 letters TNT
Movie extra’s breakfast bowlful? 14 letters BACKGROUNDCHEX
___ glands (kidneys’ neighbors) 7 letters ADRENAL
Greek sandwich 4 letters GYRO
Vegetable that symbolizes redness 4 letters BEET
Poorly lit 3 letters DIM
Quite unhappy 5 letters UPSET
Pub serving 3 letters ALE
Portfolio for a manicurist slangily? 7 letters HANDPIX
Nintendo Switch avatar 3 letters MII
Feeling 5 letters SENSE
Sib who may borrow your clothes 3 letters SIS
Overflow (with) 4 letters TEEM
An official language of Pakistan 4 letters URDU
Portman of Black Swan 7 letters NATALIE
Bagel topper made with sockeye and king salmon say? 14 letters COMBINATIONLOX
Conk on the head 3 letters BOP
Ice Age sloth 3 letters SID
Upright row muscle for short 4 letters DELT
Formal attire at Cannes casually? 9 letters FRENCHTUX
Seating levels 5 letters TIERS
Got along 5 letters FARED
Caretaker for Santa’s reindeer 3 letters ELF
Photographer Adams 5 letters ANSEL
They may be under your mattress 5 letters SLATS
Cori Bush’s Mo. city 3 letters STL
Its mascots are Red Ruff and Blue Mews 5 letters PETCO
Vegan sandwich briefly 3 letters PBJ
Chicken-king connector 3 letters ALA
Malibu bottle? 9 letters SUNSCREEN
Knickknack 7 letters TRINKET
Twitter handle starter 6 letters ATSIGN
Taxi 3 letters CAB
Message on a candy heart 5 letters ILUVU
Koto or cello part 6 letters STRING
Smooch on the subway e.g. 3 letters PDA
Sculptor Jean 3 letters ARP
Verb in a turkey recipe 5 letters BASTE
Shapewear brand 5 letters SPANX
LOL for one 4 letters TEXT
___ Bird (Greta Gerwig film) 4 letters LADY
Italian luxury brand 5 letters PRADA
Rum cakes 5 letters BABAS
Set Fire to the Rain singer 5 letters ADELE
Oscar nominee Lena 4 letters OLIN
Essence 4 letters CRUX
Rabbit’s jump 3 letters HOP
Rx writers 3 letters MDS
Informal gauge of authenticity 9 letters SMELLTEST
Farm song refrain 5 letters EIEIO
Watch brand 5 letters TIMEX
Mint or marjoram 4 letters HERB
Pub serving 4 letters PINT
To repeat myself … 5 letters ISAID
Total 3 letters SUM
Mark from a beach trip 7 letters TANLINE
Cup or bowl 4 letters DISH
Forms an alliance 6 letters UNITES
Foot exercise in pilates 6 letters TOETAP
Great Barrier Reef material 5 letters CORAL
Sydney ___ House 5 letters OPERA
Fully grown 5 letters ADULT
Closest buds 4 letters BFFS
Word before weight or worth 3 letters NET
LPs’ successors 3 letters CDS
Seattle Dragons’ gridiron org. 3 letters XFL
___ room (Ping-Pong venue) 3 letters REC
___-mo 3 letters SLO

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