Thomas Joseph Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Food in shells 5 letters TACOS
Divides 5 letters PARTS
Outfit 5 letters EQUIP
Boise’s state 5 letters IDAHO
Pondering 11 letters MULLINGOVER
Light touch 3 letters PAT
Brief drop 3 letters DIP
Retina setting 3 letters EYE
Spells 5 letters HEXES
Fall flower 5 letters ASTER
Spanish boys 5 letters NINOS
Star Wars princess 4 letters LEIA
Enthusiasm 4 letters ZEAL
Bring to bear 5 letters EXERT
Trifling 5 letters PETTY
Brass band members 5 letters TUBAS
Droop 3 letters SAG
Place down 3 letters LAY
Seventh Greek letter 3 letters ETA
Stopping as a speeder 11 letters PULLINGOVER
Enjoyed avidly 5 letters ATEUP
Vigilant 5 letters ALERT
Salad servers 5 letters TONGS
Bit of change 5 letters PENNY
Office helper 4 letters TEMP
Blue hue 4 letters AQUA
Group of believers 4 letters CULT
Squeak stopper 3 letters OIL
Web spinner 6 letters SPIDER
Messy room 6 letters PIGPEN
Hoopla 3 letters ADO
Dance party 4 letters RAVE
Those people 4 letters THEY
Ticked off 4 letters SORE
Veto 3 letters NIX
Body pump 5 letters HEART
Tag numbers 5 letters SIZES
Tavern drink 3 letters ALE
Kinsey topic 3 letters SEX
Even score 3 letters TIE
Volleyball need 3 letters NET
Cereal bit 3 letters OAT
Cunning 3 letters SLY
Dutch blooms 6 letters TULIPS
Salary disparity 6 letters PAYGAP
Prohibit 3 letters BAN
Petty fight 4 letters SPAT
Car 4 letters AUTO
Secluded valley 4 letters GLEN
Divisible by two 4 letters EVEN
Ocean bird 4 letters TERN
Pretentious 4 letters ARTY
Big galoot 3 letters LUG
Bullring cheer 3 letters OLE

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