Thomas Joseph Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Con man’s con 4 letters SCAM
Engrave 4 letters ETCH
Map area 5 letters STATE
Leafy lunch 5 letters SALAD
Vine-covered shelter 5 letters ARBOR
Sweet liqueur 5 letters CREME
Wineglass 6 letters GOBLET
In the style of 3 letters ALA
Wicked 4 letters EVIL
Roof supporter 6 letters RAFTER
Take in 3 letters SEE
Take in 6 letters DIGEST
Caught in a rodeo 5 letters ROPED
Oysters’ prizes 6 letters PEARLS
Saloon 3 letters BAR
Checkers demand 6 letters KINGME
Mystique 4 letters AURA
Nest item 3 letters EGG
Laptop’s kin 6 letters TABLET
Select group 5 letters ELITE
Winnie-the-Pooh writer 5 letters MILNE
Bolshevik leader 5 letters LENIN
Notions 5 letters IDEAS
Watch over 4 letters TEND
Collections 4 letters SETS
Tried hard 6 letters STROVE
Taxi driver 6 letters CABBIE
Coral island 5 letters ATOLL
Simple 4 letters MERE
PC key 3 letters ESC
Road sealer 3 letters TAR
Traction aids 6 letters CLEATS
Ophelia’s love 6 letters HAMLET
Wise ones 5 letters SAGES
Precious 4 letters DEAR
One with instant siblings 7 letters TRIPLET
Gets older 4 letters AGES
Nourished 3 letters FED
Frosh quarters 4 letters DORM
Scandal sheet 3 letters RAG
Winnie-the-Pooh’s pal 6 letters PIGLET
Car part 6 letters ENGINE
Ammo unit 6 letters BULLET
Sports settings 6 letters ARENAS
Merits 5 letters RATES
Ship part 4 letters KEEL
Tolerate 5 letters ABIDE
Lucky Jim author 4 letters AMIS
Light metal 3 letters TIN

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