Thomas Joseph Crossword September 25 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword September 25 2021 Answers:

Kitchen work 4 letters PREP
Custom 5 letters HABIT
Convoy trucks 5 letters SEMIS
Without aid 5 letters ALONE
Tea party guest 5 letters ALICE
Hinds’ mates 5 letters HARTS
Lumber unit 3 letters LOG
Stretch of years 3 letters ERA
Catching aid 3 letters NET
Mason of movies 6 letters MARSHA
Quite 4 letters VERY
Gumshoe’s specialty 9 letters DETECTION
Provinces 5 letters AREAS
Crossing the Berlin Wall e.g. 9 letters DEFECTION
Course activity 4 letters GOLF
Besides 6 letters ATTHAT
Band blaster 3 letters AMP
Old hand 3 letters PRO
Army address 3 letters SIR
Marlins’ home 5 letters MIAMI
Future seed 5 letters OVULE
Follow 5 letters ENSUE
Tender areas 5 letters SORES
Hotel units 5 letters ROOMS
Ties the knot 4 letters WEDS
Sacred song 5 letters PSALM
Do a musketeer’s job 6 letters RELOAD
Asylum seeker 6 letters EMIGRE
Snap 3 letters PIC
How droll! 4 letters HAHA
Imitating 3 letters ALA
Malay island 6 letters BORNEO
Hospital worker 6 letters INTERN
Irritable 5 letters TESTY
Now listen! 7 letters SEEHERE
Indy auto 7 letters RACECAR
Personnel 5 letters STAFF
Drop in 5 letters VISIT
Arm art 7 letters TATTOOS
Game piece 6 letters DOMINO
Border city 6 letters ELPASO
Yeah right! 6 letters OHSURE
Executed perfectly 6 letters NAILED
Joystick wielder 5 letters GAMER
Lock 5 letters TRESS
Diner desserts 4 letters PIES
Silent 3 letters MUM

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