Thomas Joseph Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

Absorb 5 letters SOPUP
Scout settlements 5 letters CAMPS
Past plump 5 letters OBESE
— of Two Cities 5 letters ATALE
Birch’s kin 5 letters ALDER
Less common 5 letters RARER
Cassis cocktail 3 letters KIR
Market activity 7 letters TRADING
Sense of self 3 letters EGO
Deli meat 3 letters HAM
Finished off 3 letters ATE
Band sample 4 letters DEMO
Bit of change 5 letters PENNY
Museum focus 3 letters ART
Summer sign 3 letters LEO
Dog show category 5 letters BREED
Trolley’s kin 4 letters TRAM
Batter’s goal 3 letters HIT
Original 3 letters NEW
Nest egg acct. 3 letters IRA
Battle site of 1945 7 letters OKINAWA
Plumber’s vehicle 3 letters VAN
Western evergreen 5 letters PINON
Muralist Rivera 5 letters DIEGO
Bumbling 5 letters INEPT
Slip 5 letters ERROR
Tag numbers 5 letters SIZES
College VIPs 5 letters DEANS
Drenched 6 letters SOAKED
Compel 6 letters OBLIGE
Hall of Fame pitcher 13 letters PEDROMARTINEZ
Try out 3 letters USE
Australia city 5 letters PERTH
Chewy candy 7 letters CARAMEL
Somewhat 4 letters ATAD
Hall of Fame pitcher 13 letters MARIANORIVERA
More than enough 6 letters PLENTY
Suit material 5 letters SERGE
Grammys category 3 letters RAP
Vein makeup 3 letters ORE
Court sight 3 letters NET
Lease signers 7 letters TENANTS
Beach outfit 6 letters BIKINI
Grass coating 3 letters DEW
Region of Spain 6 letters ARAGON
Upscale homes 6 letters MANORS
Pueblo people 5 letters HOPIS
Crossed the creek 5 letters WADED
Huh-uh 4 letters NOPE

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