Thomas Joseph Crossword September 23 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword September 23 2022 Answers:

Soak 5 letters BATHE
Catchers’ needs 5 letters MITTS
Clear sky 5 letters ETHER
Improvised 5 letters ADHOC
Gladiator’s spot 5 letters ARENA
New Hampshire city 5 letters KEENE
— Mahal 3 letters TAJ
Give the oath of office to 7 letters SWEARIN
Lucy of Kill Bill 3 letters LIU
Dawn goddess 3 letters EOS
Fall mo. 3 letters OCT
Cuts off 4 letters ENDS
Drug bust units 5 letters KILOS
Musician’s job 3 letters GIG
My country — of thee 3 letters TIS
Stylishly quaint 5 letters RETRO
Engrave 4 letters ETCH
Possesses 3 letters HAS
Summer mo. 3 letters AUG
Period of history 3 letters ERA
Hawks’ home 7 letters ATLANTA
Baseball score 3 letters RUN
Bee attack 5 letters STING
Ferber book 5 letters SOBIG
Critical asset 5 letters TASTE
Full moon for one 5 letters PHASE
Door sign 5 letters ENTER
More tender 5 letters SORER
John or Paul 6 letters BEATLE
Transport for Ellington 6 letters ATRAIN
John Grisham novel 13 letters THEJUDGESLIST
Egg layer 3 letters HEN
Wipe off 5 letters ERASE
Succeeds 7 letters MAKESIT
Creative germ 4 letters IDEA
John Grisham novel 13 letters THEROOSTERBAR
Invigorating drinks 6 letters TONICS
Fragrance 5 letters SCENT
Stir-fry pan 3 letters WOK
Plop down 3 letters SIT
Tell tales 3 letters LIE
Friend of Potter and Weasley 7 letters GRANGER
Wicker material 6 letters RATTAN
Unconscious 3 letters OUT
Liner trip 6 letters CRUISE
Closet item 6 letters HANGER
Briskness 5 letters HASTE
Shocked sounds 5 letters GASPS
Price to play 4 letters ANTE

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