Thomas Joseph Crossword September 22 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword September 22 2022 Answers:

Breathing need 4 letters LUNG
Lovable 5 letters SWEET
Atlas section 4 letters ASIA
Game official 6 letters SCORER
Fedora material 4 letters FELT
Not well 6 letters POORLY
It ends when the parachute opens 8 letters FREEFALL
Bonanza 8 letters WINDFALL
Diamond units 6 letters CARATS
Chandelier singer 3 letters SIA
Heeds 5 letters OBEYS
Uniform material 5 letters KHAKI
Kimono closer 3 letters OBI
Nursery item 6 letters DIAPER
Voyage’s end 8 letters LANDFALL
Drops from above 8 letters RAINFALL
Fix 6 letters REPAIR
Detective’s find 4 letters CLUE
In an equitable way 6 letters EVENLY
Regarding 4 letters ASTO
High points 5 letters PEAKS
Rivals 4 letters FOES
Guffaw informally 4 letters LAFF
Manual reader 4 letters USER
Egypt divider 4 letters NILE
Entrance 7 letters GATEWAY
Bawl out 5 letters SCOLD
Writer Virginia 5 letters WOOLF
Mess up 3 letters ERR
Twisty fish 3 letters EEL
Attempt 3 letters TRY
Bridges 5 letters SPANS
Is the right size 4 letters FITS
Memo letters 4 letters ASAP
Prefer 4 letters LIKE
Den 4 letters LAIR
Put in the fridge 4 letters COOL
Fernando group 4 letters ABBA
Horse halter 4 letters REIN
Pottery oven 4 letters KILN
Java order with less jolt 7 letters HALFCAF
Milk source 5 letters DAIRY
Guzzled 5 letters DRANK
Goes under 5 letters FAILS
Too 4 letters ALSO
Mandolin’s cousin 4 letters LUTE
Some July babies 4 letters LEOS
Workout unit 3 letters REP
Eden evictee 3 letters EVE

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