Thomas Joseph Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

China flaw 4 letters CHIP
Airships 6 letters BLIMPS
Script unit 4 letters LINE
Ventilate 6 letters AIROUT
Gumbo vegetable 4 letters OKRA
Inadequate 6 letters SKIMPY
Golf peg 3 letters TEE
Father’s Day gifts 4 letters TIES
Blood lines 5 letters VEINS
Mensa entry numbers 3 letters IQS
Aids illegally 5 letters ABETS
Confess 5 letters OWNUP
Shopping site 4 letters MART
Opera song 4 letters ARIA
Debate topic 5 letters ISSUE
Moved stealthily 5 letters CREPT
Ruby of films 3 letters DEE
Clinic shots 5 letters XRAYS
Captain of fiction 4 letters AHAB
Flow out 3 letters EBB
Picture puzzle 6 letters JIGSAW
Soft cheese 4 letters BRIE
Red-and-black bird 6 letters ORIOLE
Infamous czar 4 letters IVAN
Set electrician 6 letters GAFFER
Bit of rind 4 letters ZEST
Artery problem 4 letters CLOT
Walk in the woods 4 letters HIKE
Backwards 9 letters INREVERSE
Casserole bit 3 letters PEA
Washroom sight 5 letters BASIN
In this manner 6 letters LIKESO
Crocus cousin 4 letters IRIS
Pop’s partner 3 letters MOM
Baby beagle 3 letters PUP
Pig’s digs 3 letters STY
Frank McCourt book 3 letters TIS
Question from Caesar 4 letters ETTU
Kept for emergencies 9 letters INRESERVE
Witty remark 4 letters QUIP
Petty fight 4 letters SPAT
Surrounded by 4 letters AMID
Ignoble 4 letters BASE
Cautious 4 letters WARY
Sigh say 6 letters EXHALE
Fare carrier 3 letters CAB
Less refined 5 letters RAWER
Since 4 letters ASOF
Prejudice 4 letters BIAS
Flexed 4 letters BENT
Steady run 3 letters JOG
Radio’s Glass 3 letters IRA
Online picture format 3 letters GIF

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