Thomas Joseph Crossword September 14 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword September 14 2021 Answers:

Dole (out) 4 letters METE
Fathered 5 letters BEGOT
Church replies 5 letters AMENS
Sports setting 5 letters ARENA
Makes holy 11 letters CONSECRATES
Greek vowel 3 letters ETA
Go bad 3 letters ROT
Dieter’s no-no 3 letters FAT
Mail as payment 6 letters SENDIN
Tempo 4 letters PACE
Work group 5 letters STAFF
Esthete’s concern 4 letters ARTS
Resort spots 5 letters ISLES
Barking beast 4 letters SEAL
Pays to play 5 letters ANTES
Jealousy’s kin 4 letters ENVY
Wall Street type 6 letters TRADER
Top card 3 letters ACE
Architect I.M. 3 letters PEI
— had it! 3 letters IVE
Seizes 11 letters CONFISCATES
Heart for one 5 letters ORGAN
Plain to see 5 letters OVERT
Garden pests 5 letters WEEDS
Fruit drinks 4 letters ADES
Spiked clubs 5 letters MACES
Hams it up 6 letters EMOTES
Lease signer 6 letters TENANT
Print units 3 letters ENS
Homer’s son 4 letters BART
Pitcher’s stat 3 letters ERA
Succeed 6 letters GETFAR
Short play 6 letters ONEACT
Tries a bite of 6 letters TASTES
Letter strokes 6 letters SERIFS
Melds 9 letters CONFLATES
Like some newspapers 5 letters DAILY
Lasagna or linguine 5 letters PASTA
Opera’s Caruso 6 letters ENRICO
Manatee 6 letters SEACOW
Cry from the audience 6 letters ENCORE
Get even for 6 letters AVENGE
Ready for print 6 letters EDITED
Harsh 6 letters SEVERE
Takes a breather 5 letters RESTS
Sewing aids 4 letters PINS
Craze 3 letters FAD

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