Thomas Joseph Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Grating sound 4 letters RASP
Urges on 5 letters GOADS
Savory jelly 5 letters ASPIC
Smithy sight 5 letters ANVIL
Bounty captain 5 letters BLIGH
Head out 5 letters LEAVE
Oxygen: Prefix 3 letters AER
Greek vowel 3 letters ETA
Summer shirt 3 letters TEE
Puzzle 6 letters TEASER
Grade 4 letters MARK
Mary Poppins’s creator 9 letters PLTRAVERS
Prepared to fire 5 letters AIMED
Harry Potter’s creator 9 letters JKROWLING
Pirate’s take 4 letters LOOT
Uses 6 letters AVAILS
Annoy 3 letters IRK
Fabric color 3 letters DYE
Snoop group: Abbr. 3 letters CIA
Pueblo material 5 letters ADOBE
Skimpy swimwear 5 letters THONG
Catcher Castro 5 letters RAMON
Conference site of 1945 5 letters YALTA
Pretentious people 5 letters SNOBS
Disorder 4 letters MESS
Moroccan city 5 letters RABAT
Napping 6 letters ASLEEP
Helix shape 6 letters SPIRAL
Greedy one 3 letters PIG
Big do 4 letters GALA
Early hour 3 letters ONE
Film set on Pandora 6 letters AVATAR
Pearl harvesters 6 letters DIVERS
Glossy 5 letters SLEEK
Ta-ta! 7 letters CHEERIO
Streetcar line 7 letters TRAMWAY
Kick off 5 letters START
FCC’s concern 5 letters MEDIA
Soft and smooth 7 letters VELVETY
Syria neighbor 6 letters JORDAN
Indiana city 6 letters KOKOMO
Kidman of film 6 letters NICOLE
Brilliant flashes 6 letters GLINTS
Deceitful people 5 letters LIARS
Long tales 5 letters SAGAS
Retreats 4 letters DENS
Move up and down 3 letters BOB

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