Thomas Joseph Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

New Orleans cuisine 5 letters CAJUN
Useful skill 5 letters ASSET
Blue hue 5 letters AZURE
Play part 5 letters SCENE
Pat’s TV colleague 5 letters VANNA
Annual visitor 5 letters SANTA
Yale rooter 3 letters ELI
Dorm sharers 7 letters ROOMIES
Old roadster 3 letters REO
Georgia once: Abbr. 3 letters SSR
Lode material 3 letters ORE
DEA agent 4 letters NARC
Constellation makeup 5 letters STARS
Plopped down 3 letters SAT
Attack command 3 letters SIC
Wild 5 letters FERAL
Coin essentially 4 letters DISC
Boxer Norton 3 letters KEN
Disfigure 3 letters MAR
Kicker’s aid 3 letters TEE
Soybean snack 7 letters EDAMAME
SandL offering 3 letters IRA
Add up 5 letters TOTAL
Naps 5 letters DOZES
Witch 5 letters CRONE
Singer Cara 5 letters IRENE
Fast runners 5 letters HARES
Copenhagen natives 5 letters DANES
Bat abode 6 letters CAVERN
Flowery shrub 6 letters AZALEA
New member of Congress perhaps 13 letters JUNIORSENATOR
Ornate vase 3 letters URN
Draws close to 5 letters NEARS
Classifies 7 letters ASSORTS
Racket 4 letters SCAM
Golden ager 13 letters SENIORCITIZEN
Comes in 6 letters ENTERS
Make fun of 5 letters TEASE
CIA forerunner 3 letters OSS
Lot sight 3 letters CAR
Help out 3 letters AID
Sonora snacks 7 letters TAMALES
Felt topper 6 letters FEDORA
Hurried flight 3 letters LAM
Placid 6 letters SERENE
Stops 6 letters CEASES
Yawl’s kin 5 letters KETCH
Made over 5 letters REDID
Horse feature 4 letters MANE

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