Thomas Joseph Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Trade 4 letters SWAP
Vestige 5 letters TRACE
One of a bear trio 4 letters PAPA
Overcharged 6 letters GOUGED
Finished 4 letters OVER
Jacket parts 6 letters LAPELS
Precedent setter 8 letters TESTCASE
Investments for the future 8 letters NESTEGGS
Glosses 6 letters SHEENS
Unrefined 3 letters RAW
Body pump 5 letters HEART
Eucalyptus eater 5 letters KOALA
Works on walls 3 letters ART
Prison head 6 letters WARDEN
Zephyrus in myth 8 letters WESTWIND
Stop worrying 8 letters RESTEASY
Out 6 letters ASLEEP
Singer Guthrie 4 letters ARLO
Shells out 6 letters SPENDS
Teller of tales 4 letters LIAR
Rice field 5 letters PADDY
Fill completely 4 letters SATE
Location 4 letters SPOT
Stadium motion 4 letters WAVE
Some primates 4 letters APES
Sidekick 7 letters PARTNER
BLT base 5 letters TOAST
Indian coin 5 letters RUPEE
Wisdom bringer 3 letters AGE
Animation frame 3 letters CEL
Mag. workers 3 letters EDS
Pane material 5 letters GLASS
Mint product 4 letters CENT
June celebrant 4 letters GRAD
Strong wind 4 letters GALE
Symbol of grace 4 letters SWAN
Pygmalion playwright 4 letters SHAW
On this spot 4 letters HERE
Has dinner 4 letters EATS
Philosopher Immanuel 4 letters KANT
Trials 7 letters ORDEALS
Bits of smoke 5 letters WISPS
Pollster’s find 5 letters TREND
Like untended gardens 5 letters WEEDY
Diva’s delivery 4 letters ARIA
Thin board 4 letters SLAT
Days gone by 4 letters YORE
Nile viper 3 letters ASP
Mud bath setting 3 letters SPA

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