Thomas Joseph Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Wild party 4 letters BASH
Table protector 6 letters HOTPAD
Canyon sound 4 letters ECHO
Breathe in 6 letters INHALE
Poker variety 4 letters DRAW
Dr. Seuss title character 6 letters YERTLE
Unconnected 8 letters SEPARATE
Nest egg acct. 3 letters IRA
Squander 5 letters WASTE
Canada’s Bay of — 5 letters FUNDY
Different 5 letters OTHER
Assn. 3 letters ORG
One — time 3 letters ATA
Standard 5 letters USUAL
Makes cookies 5 letters BAKES
Faux pas 5 letters LAPSE
Quarterback Manning 3 letters ELI
Frangelico flavoring 8 letters HAZELNUT
Sullen 6 letters MOROSE
Look lewdly 4 letters OGLE
Puts on a pedestal 6 letters ADORES
Casserole staple 4 letters TUNA
Hate 6 letters DETEST
Rigging support 4 letters SPAR
Garden sections 4 letters BEDS
Farm unit 4 letters ACRE
Getting fit 9 letters SHAPINGUP
D.C. university 6 letters HOWARD
Casual greeting 4 letters HIYA
Boxing combo 6 letters ONETWO
Menace 6 letters THREAT
Contrived 3 letters PAT
Maximum amount 3 letters ALL
Scottish river 3 letters DEE
Beam of light 3 letters RAY
Drastically reorganizing 9 letters SHAKINGUP
Head to Henri 4 letters TETE
Historic times 4 letters ERAS
Ump’s call 4 letters FOUL
Bear in the air 4 letters URSA
On the beach 6 letters ASHORE
Rent agreements 6 letters LEASES
Honey maker 3 letters BEE
Portions out 6 letters ALLOTS
Relish 4 letters ZEST
Arm bone 4 letters ULNA
Eye drop 4 letters TEAR
Fuming 3 letters MAD
Keats work 3 letters ODE

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