Thomas Joseph Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Aspirin target 4 letters ACHE
Gave orders 6 letters BOSSED
Wow ’em at the comedy club 4 letters SLAY
On the go 6 letters ACTIVE
Account 4 letters TALE
Tidy up 6 letters NEATEN
Cobbler’s tool 3 letters AWL
Not quite closed 4 letters AJAR
Honeydew e.g. 5 letters MELON
Implore 3 letters BEG
Deli fixture 5 letters SCALE
Long look 5 letters STARE
Melodies 4 letters AIRS
Stepped down 4 letters ALIT
Comes to 5 letters WAKES
Bars on cars 5 letters AXLES
Sinking signal 3 letters SOS
Outfit 5 letters EQUIP
Severe criticism 4 letters FLAK
Museum focus 3 letters ART
Unmoored 6 letters ADRIFT
Recite the rosary 4 letters PRAY
Illinois city 6 letters PEORIA
Pass over 4 letters SKIP
Less relaxed 6 letters TENSER
Cruise stop 4 letters ISLE
Nick and Nora’s dog 4 letters ASTA
Hammer part 4 letters CLAW
Symbols of quality 9 letters HALLMARKS
Retina setting 3 letters EYE
Bluegrass instrument 5 letters BANJO
Globe features 6 letters OCEANS
Teacher’s reward 4 letters STAR
Plop down 3 letters SIT
Cain raiser 3 letters EVE
Cub’s cave 3 letters DEN
Pub pint 3 letters ALE
Otherwise 4 letters ELSE
Diamond settings 9 letters BALLPARKS
Pennsylvania port 4 letters ERIE
Obtains 4 letters GETS
Cutting tools 4 letters SAWS
Italian sendoff 4 letters CIAO
Fare carrier 4 letters TAXI
Phone photo 6 letters SELFIE
Penguin’s cousin 3 letters AUK
Persian Gulf nation 5 letters QATAR
Evergreen trees 4 letters FIRS
Stairway sight 4 letters RAIL
Kind 4 letters TYPE
Fitting 3 letters APT
Ruby of films 3 letters DEE
Harry’s friend 3 letters RON

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