Thomas Joseph Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Grotto sound 4 letters ECHO
Air pipe 4 letters DUCT
Bias 5 letters SLANT
Routine 5 letters USUAL
More tender 5 letters SORER
On-ramp sign 5 letters MERGE
Wrap up 3 letters END
Inform 7 letters APPRISE
Beginners 7 letters NEWBIES
Owned by us 3 letters OUR
Virtuous one 5 letters SAINT
Nile reptiles 4 letters ASPS
Reading and others: Abbr. 3 letters RRS
Cal. column 3 letters FRI
Barney’s buddy 4 letters FRED
Lures 5 letters BAITS
Guitarist Paul 3 letters LES
Held up 7 letters DELAYED
Hot breakfast 7 letters OATMEAL
Biol. or geol. 3 letters SCI
Geometry class challenge 5 letters PROOF
Patriot Allen 5 letters ETHAN
Start a set 5 letters SERVE
Nary a soul 5 letters NOONE
Some bucks 4 letters DEER
Makes a choice 4 letters OPTS
German steel city 5 letters ESSEN
Genetic copies 6 letters CLONES
Stocker of nuts 13 letters HARDWARESTORE
Low digit 3 letters ONE
Jettisons 5 letters DUMPS
Manual reader 4 letters USER
Stocker of knickknacks 13 letters CURIOSITYSHOP
Touches base 6 letters TAGSUP
Readies for the game 6 letters TRAINS
Lusty looks 5 letters LEERS
Fido or Fluffy 3 letters PET
Rail or quail 4 letters BIRD
Diva’s piece 4 letters ARIA
Collapsed 6 letters FALLEN
Producers’ worries 5 letters FLOPS
Brought up 6 letters REARED
Arthur of TV 3 letters BEA
Cosine’s reciprocal 6 letters SECANT
Put off 5 letters DEFER
Has a banquet 5 letters DINES
Chess turn 4 letters MOVE

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