Thomas Joseph Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

Gullet 4 letters CRAW
Velvety flower 5 letters PANSY
Detested 5 letters HATED
Like tumblers 5 letters AGILE
Pueblo material 5 letters ADOBE
Water lily’s kin 5 letters LOTUS
A thou thou 3 letters MIL
Plymouth colonizer 7 letters PILGRIM
Temple support 6 letters PILLAR
Tennis feat 3 letters ACE
Sacred chests 4 letters ARKS
Hamilton’s bill 3 letters TEN
Basic idea 4 letters GIST
Gets older 4 letters AGES
Nonsense 3 letters ROT
Fill completely 4 letters SATE
Pitching stat 3 letters ERA
Bed item 6 letters PILLOW
Steals 7 letters PILFERS
Stunned wonder 3 letters AWE
Rap sheet info 5 letters ALIAS
Showy detail 5 letters FRILL
Bias 5 letters SLANT
Hick 5 letters YOKEL
Lively dance 5 letters TANGO
Night fliers 4 letters BATS
Victor 5 letters CHAMP
Circle spokes 5 letters RADII
Island ring 5 letters ATOLL
Fly catcher 3 letters WEB
Become tiresome 4 letters PALL
Overly eager 4 letters AGOG
Fertilizer chemical 7 letters NITRATE
Floodgates 7 letters SLUICES
Toadies 6 letters YESMEN
Leaves 7 letters DEPARTS
Tick off 3 letters IRK
— Vegas 3 letters LAS
Fill the bill 7 letters SATISFY
Dian Fossey subject 7 letters GORILLA
Bread choice 7 letters ITALIAN
Salon stuff 3 letters GEL
Meal 6 letters REPAST
Spring mo. 3 letters APR
Space-going dog 5 letters LAIKA
Wee hooter 5 letters OWLET
The Time Machine writer 5 letters WELLS
Viper feature 4 letters FANG
— Perpetua (Idaho motto) 4 letters ESTO

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