Thomas Joseph Crossword November 24 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword November 24 2022 Answers:

Plunge 4 letters FALL
Mall businesses 5 letters SHOPS
Knucklehead 5 letters IDIOT
Baseball’s Joe 5 letters TORRE
Fab Four drummer 5 letters RINGO
Bold poker bet 5 letters ALLIN
Take in 3 letters SEE
Soup containers 7 letters TUREENS
Sikh’s headdress 6 letters TURBAN
Perfect serve 3 letters ACE
Lotion additive 4 letters ALOE
Homer’s neighbor 3 letters NED
Simple 4 letters MERE
Mysterious loch 4 letters NESS
Tiara feature 3 letters GEM
Ernst’s art 4 letters DADA
Keats work 3 letters ODE
Thanksgiving staple 6 letters TURKEY
Slow movers 7 letters TURTLES
Holiday lead-in 3 letters EVE
Commercial cow 5 letters ELSIE
Some messages 5 letters EMAIL
Without aid 5 letters ALONE
Of the kidneys 5 letters RENAL
Lion features 5 letters MANES
Pistols and rifles 4 letters GUNS
Historic event 5 letters FIRST
Parting word 5 letters ADIEU
Cruise vessel 5 letters LINER
Fireplace item 3 letters LOG
Teacher’s reward 4 letters STAR
Golf target 4 letters HOLE
Site of Joan of Arc’s victory 7 letters ORLEANS
Some royals 7 letters PRINCES
Felt 6 letters SENSED
Added up 7 letters TOTALED
One for Juan 3 letters UNO
Hotel feature 3 letters BAR
Ultimate consumer 7 letters ENDUSER
Brain part 7 letters MEDULLA
Nature essayist 7 letters EMERSON
Anvil setting 3 letters EAR
Cheering call 6 letters GOTEAM
Feasted 3 letters ATE
Sandra’s Speed co-star 5 letters KEANU
French spa city 5 letters EVIAN
Cries 5 letters YELLS
Fork feature 4 letters TINE
Noted Virginia family 4 letters LEES

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