Thomas Joseph Crossword November 24 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword November 24 2021 Answers:

Tough puzzles 6 letters POSERS
Really impressed 4 letters AWED
Zoo resident 6 letters ANIMAL
Spiced tea 4 letters CHAI
Catch sight of 6 letters NOTICE
Bike part 4 letters TIRE
Very popular 6 letters REDHOT
Cutting tools 4 letters SAWS
Provinces 5 letters AREAS
That’s gross! 3 letters UGH
Skilled showoff 7 letters HOTSHOT
Moo goo — pan 3 letters GAI
Verb for you 3 letters ARE
Do the wrong thing 3 letters ERR
Not nude 7 letters ATTIRED
— loss (confused) 3 letters ATA
Sailing hazards 5 letters REEFS
Order to Spot 4 letters STAY
Hudson Valley native 6 letters MOHAWK
Perfect place 4 letters EDEN
Practical 6 letters VIABLE
Authentic 4 letters REAL
Know by feeling 6 letters INTUIT
Lawyer: Abbr. 4 letters ATTY
Like ranked players 6 letters SEEDED
Frying need 3 letters PAN
Lennon’s love 3 letters ONO
Plop down 3 letters SIT
Dubai rulers 5 letters EMIRS
Track event 4 letters RACE
Winter glider 4 letters SLED
Cast makeup 6 letters ACTORS
Cagney film 9 letters WHITEHEAT
Corn unit 3 letters EAR
Game cube 3 letters DIE
Reviled 5 letters HATED
Coffee additive 5 letters SUGAR
Banded rock 5 letters AGATE
Thanksgiving choice 9 letters WHITEMEAT
Main artery 5 letters AORTA
Wander off 5 letters STRAY
Severe 5 letters HARSH
Mine yield 3 letters ORE
I wish! 6 letters IFONLY
Use the rink 5 letters SKATE
Rara — 4 letters AVIS
Chablis or cabernet 4 letters WINE
Historic period 3 letters ERA
NYPD sleuth 3 letters DET
Future flower 3 letters BUD
Fiction 3 letters LIE

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