Thomas Joseph Crossword November 21 2020 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword November 21 2020 Answers:

One of a bear trio 4 letters PAPA
Mass units 5 letters GRAMS
Heartburn 5 letters AGITA
Traditional foe 5 letters RIVAL
Of the kidneys 5 letters RENAL
Muscat native 5 letters OMANI
Soccer’s Hamm 3 letters MIA
Handful of 3 letters FEW
Huck’s pal 3 letters TOM
Toward the wake 6 letters ASTERN
Fast runner 4 letters HARE
Princes e.g. 9 letters MALEHEIRS
Modify 5 letters ADAPT
Act hoity-toity 9 letters PUTONAIRS
Watch reading 4 letters TIME
Clip 6 letters CUTOUT
Swiss peak 3 letters ALP
Singer Tormé 3 letters MEL
Draw 3 letters TIE
Pizzeria buy 5 letters SLICE
Don’t Cry for Me singer 5 letters EVITA
Asian peninsula 5 letters KOREA
Phone sounds 5 letters TONES
Big wave 5 letters SWELL
Prudent 4 letters WISE
City of northern Italy 5 letters PARMA
Unfair hiring 6 letters AGEISM
Fiesta prop 6 letters PINATA
One-time link 3 letters ATA
Get bigger 4 letters GROW
Brink 3 letters RIM
Online icon 6 letters AVATAR
Upscale homes 6 letters MANORS
Gooey stuff 5 letters SLIME
Creamy sauce 7 letters ALFREDO
Make better 7 letters ENHANCE
Gladden 5 letters ELATE
Words to the maestro 5 letters HITIT
Shoulder ornament 7 letters EPAULET
Bed item 6 letters PILLOW
Strike caller 6 letters UMPIRE
Corkscrew pasta 6 letters ROTINI
Orchestra pieces 6 letters SUITES
Gofer’s work 5 letters TASKS
Make fun of 5 letters TEASE
Diner buy 4 letters MEAL
Animator’s frame 3 letters CEL

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