Thomas Joseph Crossword November 20 2020 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword November 20 2020 Answers:

Really stoked 5 letters AMPED
Dominant 5 letters ALPHA
Carried 5 letters BORNE
Principled 5 letters MORAL
Stand up 5 letters ARISE
Duck hunter’s cover 5 letters BLIND
Junior to senior 3 letters SON
Blend 7 letters MELANGE
PC key 3 letters ESC
Enjoy the slopes 3 letters SKI
Lot sight 3 letters CAR
Appear 4 letters SEEM
Door sign 5 letters ENTER
Immoral act 3 letters SIN
Heating choice 3 letters GAS
Fancy neckwear 5 letters ASCOT
Capital on a fjord 4 letters OSLO
1963 Paul Newman film 3 letters HUD
Danson of The Good Place 3 letters TED
Rockies tree 3 letters FIR
Foolish 7 letters ASININE
Travel stop 3 letters INN
Violinist Stern 5 letters ISAAC
Came to 5 letters AWOKE
Free of suds 5 letters RINSE
Solitary sort 5 letters LONER
In the Seven Woods poet 5 letters YEATS
Sycophant 5 letters TOADY
Humbles 6 letters ABASES
Sullen 6 letters MOROSE
Bride of July 1981 13 letters PRINCESSDIANA
Print units 3 letters ENS
Judges 5 letters DEEMS
Moving at a relaxed pace 7 letters AMBLING
Damn Yankees role 4 letters LOLA
Shrek’s love 13 letters PRINCESSFIONA
Plane’s place 6 letters HANGAR
Birch cousin 5 letters ALDER
Squeeze (out) 3 letters EKE
Amp plug-in 3 letters MIC
Eastern way 3 letters TAO
Perceives 7 letters NOTICES
Down Under denizen 6 letters AUSSIE
Toe count 3 letters TEN
Joined 6 letters LINKED
Cantankerous 6 letters ORNERY
Hirsute 5 letters HAIRY
Inflicted 5 letters DEALT
Cartoonist Thomas 4 letters NAST

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