Thomas Joseph Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Long swim trunks 4 letters JAMS
Insurance agent’s number 5 letters QUOTE
Heaps 4 letters ALOT
Divide 6 letters SUNDER
Heart 4 letters CORE
Roofer’s need 6 letters LADDER
Avoid falling behind 8 letters KEEPPACE
Picnic contest 8 letters SACKRACE
Endangered 6 letters ATRISK
Cleveland cager for short 3 letters CAV
Horse controls 5 letters REINS
Racket 5 letters NOISE
300 in Rome 3 letters CCC
Fireplace bit 6 letters CINDER
Oxford feature 8 letters SHOELACE
Book designer’s choice 8 letters TYPEFACE
Time to come 6 letters FUTURE
Test type 4 letters ORAL
Battery ends 6 letters ANODES
Sty cry 4 letters OINK
Boxing ring border 5 letters ROPES
Skin art slangily 4 letters TATS
Face card 4 letters JACK
Lotion additive 4 letters ALOE
Extra amount 4 letters MORE
Intervenes 7 letters STEPSIN
Drake sound 5 letters QUACK
Lower than 5 letters UNDER
Strange 3 letters ODD
Casual top 3 letters TEE
Mess up 3 letters ERR
Not taut 5 letters SLACK
Fail to fail 4 letters PASS
Corrosive stuff 4 letters ACID
Wine buy 4 letters CASE
Continually 4 letters EVER
Curving paths 4 letters ARCS
Computer pro 4 letters TECH
Rodriguez of Modern Family 4 letters RICO
Pleasant 4 letters NICE
Ruler measure 7 letters ONEFOOT
Targets for bulls 5 letters CAPES
Piano piece 5 letters ETUDE
Old harps 5 letters LYRES
Diva’s piece 4 letters ARIA
Jargon 4 letters CANT
Fraternal group 4 letters ELKS
Way off 3 letters FAR
First número 3 letters UNO

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