Thomas Joseph Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Lab liquids 5 letters ACIDS
Ernst’s art 4 letters DADA
Twangy 5 letters NASAL
Wise ones 5 letters SAGES
Creamy color 5 letters IVORY
Russian range 5 letters URALS
Parcel (out) 4 letters METE
Petite 6 letters LITTLE
Commotion 3 letters ADO
Match part 3 letters SET
Put away 3 letters EAT
Cosmetics counter buy 8 letters LIPSTICK
At hand 4 letters NEAR
Melodies 4 letters AIRS
Oil-checking item 8 letters DIPSTICK
Chemist’s place 3 letters LAB
Buck’s mate 3 letters DOE
Paint buy 3 letters CAN
Eggy dish 6 letters OMELET
Titled woman 4 letters DAME
Alarm sound 5 letters SIREN
— Rae 5 letters NORMA
Snowy wader 5 letters EGRET
Totaled 5 letters ADDED
Fly high 4 letters SOAR
Churlish fellows 5 letters BOORS
Zoo resident 6 letters ANIMAL
Yielded 7 letters CAVEDIN
Uranium-235 for one 7 letters ISOTOPE
Be bold 4 letters DARE
Cunning 3 letters SLY
Move quickly 4 letters DART
Banded rock 5 letters AGATE
Perry’s assistant 5 letters DELLA
Useful skill 5 letters ASSET
Travel need 8 letters SUITCASE
Maui souvenir 3 letters LEI
Vociferous 8 letters STRIDENT
Blue 3 letters SAD
Model buy 3 letters KIT
Last name for Lucy 7 letters RICARDO
Fraud perpetrator 7 letters SCAMMER
Poker prize 3 letters POT
Massages 6 letters KNEADS
Places last 5 letters LOSES
Barcelona buddy 5 letters AMIGO
Hall of Fame catcher 5 letters BERRA
Lusty look 4 letters LEER
Extinct bird 4 letters DODO

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