Thomas Joseph Crossword May 16 2023 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword May 16 2023 Answers:

Provide food for 5 letters CATER
Venomous snake 5 letters ADDER
Throw with effort 5 letters HEAVE
Irritate 5 letters PEEVE
Military navy etc. 11 letters ARMEDFORCES
Diner dessert 3 letters PIE
Corn spike 3 letters EAR
Mine yield 3 letters ORE
Butler or maid 7 letters SERVANT
Animal abode 3 letters DEN
Golfer Ernie 3 letters ELS
Witty remark 4 letters JEST
Sells for 5 letters COSTS
Some statues 5 letters BUSTS
Aware of 4 letters ONTO
Egg layer 3 letters HEN
In the style of 3 letters ALA
Diet unit 7 letters CALORIE
Stimpy’s pal 3 letters REN
Maximum amount 3 letters ALL
Santa — winds 3 letters ANA
Groups of company vendors 11 letters SALESFORCES
Calendar entry 5 letters EVENT
Question of place 5 letters WHERE
Oboe parts 5 letters REEDS
Classes 5 letters SORTS
Cowboy wear 5 letters CHAPS
Eagle’s home 5 letters AERIE
Circus performer 5 letters TAMER
Genesis name 3 letters EVE
Gives out new hands 7 letters REDEALS
Left on a liner 5 letters APORT
German article 3 letters DER
Breaks a cipher 7 letters DECODES
Himalayan peak 7 letters EVEREST
Bristles at 7 letters RESENTS
Stadium group 4 letters FANS
White House power 4 letters VETO
Jupiter’s wife 4 letters JUNO
More vulgar 7 letters COARSER
Taking a sabbatical 7 letters ONLEAVE
Spider-Man creator 7 letters STANLEE
Accordion part 7 letters BELLOWS
Sports period 4 letters HALF
Play groups 5 letters CASTS
Indy entrant 5 letters RACER
Like argon 5 letters INERT
Moves cautiously 5 letters EASES
Final part 3 letters END

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