Thomas Joseph Crossword May 15 2023 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword May 15 2023 Answers:

Victimizes with on 5 letters PREYS
Curving paths 4 letters ARCS
Metal fastener 5 letters RIVET
Billies and nannies 5 letters GOATS
Like lambs 5 letters OVINE
Advice 5 letters INPUT
Tennis court divider 3 letters NET
Touch lightly 3 letters PAT
Lupino of films 3 letters IDA
Top chess player 11 letters GRANDMASTER
Have lunch 3 letters EAT
Single 4 letters LONE
Put into boxes 5 letters CASED
Young stallions 5 letters COLTS
Like the desert 4 letters ARID
Gallery fill 3 letters ART
Banquet leader 11 letters TOASTMASTER
Total 3 letters SUM
Orange tuber 3 letters YAM
Bullfight cry 3 letters OLE
Deplete 5 letters USEUP
Noggins 5 letters PATES
Basil-based sauce 5 letters PESTO
Precise 5 letters EXACT
Letters after cees 4 letters DEES
Shoulder muscles for short 5 letters DELTS
Plug part 5 letters PRONG
Rafting spot 5 letters RIVER
Musical set in Argentina 5 letters EVITA
Longing 3 letters YEN
Mom’s new hubby 7 letters STEPDAD
Heartburn 5 letters AGITA
Harry’s friend 3 letters RON
Senate setting 7 letters CAPITOL
Class member 7 letters STUDENT
Rude looks 6 letters STARES
Quantity: Abbr. 3 letters AMT
Must have 5 letters NEEDS
Casino machines 5 letters SLOTS
Burger topper 6 letters CATSUP
Awakened 7 letters AROUSED
Cat with colorful points 7 letters SIAMESE
Like one-room apartments 7 letters CRAMPED
Doc’s org. 3 letters AMA
Printing goofs 5 letters TYPOS
Sum 5 letters TOTAL
Put in office 5 letters ELECT
Work breaks 5 letters RESTS
Western Indian 3 letters UTE

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