Thomas Joseph Crossword May 12 2023 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword May 12 2023 Answers:

Freeway exit 4 letters RAMP
May honorees 4 letters MOMS
Love affair 5 letters AMOUR
Wed in haste 5 letters ELOPE
Plateau’s kin 5 letters BUTTE
Meyers and Rogen 5 letters SETHS
Fire proof 3 letters ASH
Walkers’ straps 7 letters LEASHES
Vacillates 7 letters TEETERS
Geologic period 3 letters ERA
Unmanned flier 5 letters DRONE
Deuce topper 4 letters TREY
Unconscious 3 letters OUT
Egg — yung 3 letters FOO
Grass clump 4 letters TUFT
Gang territories 5 letters TURFS
Band blaster 3 letters AMP
Dickens boy 7 letters TINYTIM
Grabbed with a toothpick 7 letters SPEARED
Med. coverage group 3 letters HMO
Sparkly crown 5 letters TIARA
Libya neighbor 5 letters EGYPT
Blundered 5 letters ERRED
Lover of drama 5 letters ROMEO
Other 4 letters ELSE
Okla. once 4 letters TERR
Moroccan city 5 letters RABAT
Tickled 6 letters AMUSED
Button material 13 letters MOTHEROFPEARL
Deposit 3 letters PUT
Plateaus’ kin 5 letters MESAS
Bullfight cries 4 letters OLES
Herb with an oregano-like scent 13 letters MOTHEROFTHYME
Bubble shape 6 letters SPHERE
Show mercy 6 letters RELENT
School paper 5 letters ESSAY
Before in poems 3 letters ERE
Promote 4 letters TOUT
Thatcher for one 4 letters TORY
Supplier of money 6 letters FUNDER
Critical asset 5 letters TASTE
Strike caller 6 letters UMPIRE
Bind 3 letters TIE
Smile coyly 6 letters SIMPER
Market action 5 letters TRADE
Truck part 5 letters MOTOR
Son of Hera 4 letters ARES

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