Thomas Joseph Crossword March 24 2023 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword March 24 2023 Answers:

Kitchen gadget 5 letters PARER
Harold of Ghostbusters 5 letters RAMIS
Be penitent 5 letters ATONE
Before in Brest 5 letters AVANT
Crucifixes 5 letters ROODS
Best Picture of 1955 5 letters MARTY
Squid’s squirt 3 letters INK
Truck part 3 letters CAB
Gadot of Wonder Woman 3 letters GAL
Biol. or geol. 3 letters SCI
First número 3 letters UNO
Tea cooler 3 letters ICE
Didn’t ignore 6 letters HEEDED
Crumb carriers 4 letters ANTS
Casablanca setting 7 letters MOROCCO
Domingo song 4 letters ARIA
Short jacket 6 letters REEFER
Second número 3 letters DOS
Ornate vase 3 letters URN
Yale student 3 letters ELI
Place to park 3 letters LOT
Plunked down 3 letters SAT
Guitarist Wood 3 letters RON
Pol’s concern 5 letters IMAGE
Luther star Elba 5 letters IDRIS
Hog rider 5 letters BIKER
Caribou’s cousin 5 letters MOOSE
Appears 5 letters SEEMS
Fairy tale monsters 5 letters OGRES
Parson’s domain 6 letters PARISH
Right away 6 letters ATONCE
Beginner’s blunder 13 letters ROOKIEMISTAKE
Purpose 3 letters END
Firefighter at times 7 letters RESCUER
Stallone role 5 letters RAMBO
Director DuVernay 3 letters AVA
Poll calculation 13 letters MARGINOFERROR
Unbroken 6 letters INTACT
Fashions 6 letters STYLES
Neighbor of Spain 7 letters ANDORRA
Film noir classic 3 letters DOA
Trick taker often 3 letters ACE
Peseta division 7 letters CENTIMO
Ignores the script 6 letters ADLIBS
Dorm sharer 6 letters ROOMIE
Precocious Plaza resident 6 letters ELOISE
Frees of suds 6 letters RINSES
Manual readers 5 letters USERS
Opal or onyx 3 letters GEM

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