Thomas Joseph Crossword March 18 2023 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword March 18 2023 Answers:

Falafel holder 4 letters PITA
Go by 4 letters PASS
Plains grazers 5 letters BISON
Hand costs 5 letters ANTES
Bay 5 letters INLET
Kick off 5 letters START
Aiming to lose 7 letters ONADIET
2016 Olympics host 3 letters RIO
Top rating 3 letters TEN
Running wild 7 letters ONATEAR
Rehab target 6 letters ADDICT
Not active 4 letters IDLE
Tear into tatters 5 letters SHRED
Crimson Tide for short 4 letters BAMA
Regardless 6 letters ANYHOW
Just for kicks 7 letters ONAWHIM
Be in the red 3 letters OWE
Harry’s friend 3 letters RON
Succeeding 7 letters ONAROLL
Some exams 5 letters ORALS
Was frugal 5 letters SAVED
Bother 5 letters NAGAT
Undoes a dele 5 letters STETS
Piano parts 4 letters KEYS
Shucking units 4 letters EARS
Beaten on the mat 6 letters PINNED
Vacation spot 6 letters ISLAND
— the line (obeyed) 4 letters TOED
Ohio college 7 letters ANTIOCH
Elbows on the table 5 letters PASTA
Hill builder 3 letters ANT
Was rude in a way 6 letters STARED
Continuing story 6 letters SERIAL
Flora and fauna 5 letters BIOTA
Put away 5 letters STORE
Go aboard 7 letters ENTRAIN
Orderly 4 letters TIDY
Part of a Caesar quote 4 letters ISAW
As a group 7 letters ENMASSE
Fifth element 5 letters BORON
Hooded jacket 6 letters ANORAK
Get by 6 letters MANAGE
Coolidge’s successor 6 letters HOOVER
Young hooters 6 letters OWLETS
Fuses 5 letters WELDS
Party VIPs 5 letters HOSTS
Pro — 4 letters RATA

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