Thomas Joseph Crossword March 17 2023 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword March 17 2023 Answers:

Narrow 4 letters SLIM
Recipe instruction 4 letters STIR
Ready for bed 5 letters TIRED
Insertion sign 5 letters CARET
Justice Samuel 5 letters ALITO
Take for — (trick) 5 letters ARIDE
Ethane e.g. 3 letters GAS
Yoga studio greeting 7 letters NAMASTE
Swimming groups 7 letters SCHOOLS
Egg layer 3 letters HEN
Extra 5 letters SPARE
Order to Spot 4 letters STAY
Hosp. areas 3 letters ORS
Be litigious 3 letters SUE
Darn it! 4 letters RATS
Capital on the Nile 5 letters CAIRO
Nest egg acct. 3 letters IRA
Fit 7 letters TANTRUM
It doesn’t call for drawing 7 letters PATHAND
Give — rest! 3 letters ITA
Downloadable read 5 letters EBOOK
Bothered 5 letters ATEAT
Flower girl often 5 letters NIECE
T choice 5 letters LARGE
Invites 4 letters ASKS
Purposes 4 letters USES
Some deer 5 letters STAGS
Fragrant flowers 6 letters LILACS
Spuds 13 letters IRISHPOTATOES
Ran into 3 letters MET
Cons 5 letters SCAMS
Scarlett’s home 4 letters TARA
Some show dogs 13 letters IRISHTERRIERS
Drink made from rooibos 6 letters REDTEA
Generous folks 6 letters DONORS
Minute 5 letters TEENY
Bar choice 3 letters ALE
Crew members 4 letters OARS
Diamonds e.g. 4 letters SUIT
Casual shoe 6 letters SANDAL
Mature 5 letters RIPEN
Mideast region 6 letters ARABIA
Soup buy 3 letters CAN
Power problem 6 letters OUTAGE
Confiscates 5 letters TAKES
Crew members 5 letters MATES
Pawn 4 letters HOCK

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