Thomas Joseph Crossword June 29 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword June 29 2022 Answers:

Neighbor 4 letters ABUT
Gush forth 4 letters SPEW
Camp craft 5 letters CANOE
Push rudely 5 letters SHOVE
Inclines 5 letters TILTS
Was under the weather 5 letters AILED
Numerical prefix 3 letters UNI
Cameraman’s activity 7 letters PANNING
Authoring 7 letters PENNING
Kicker’s aid 3 letters TEE
Trapshooting sport 5 letters SKEET
Was a pioneer 3 letters LED
Love to pieces 5 letters ADORE
Back muscle for short 3 letters LAT
Tennis star Osaka 5 letters NAOMI
Shop tool 3 letters SAW
Wrestler’s goal 7 letters PINNING
Ogden Nash specialty 7 letters PUNNING
West of films 3 letters MAE
Blockhead 5 letters IDIOT
Wed in secret 5 letters ELOPE
Euro divisions 5 letters CENTS
Derby prize 5 letters ROSES
Border 4 letters EDGE
Airport area 4 letters GATE
Carry on 5 letters ACTUP
Johnson’s middle name 6 letters BAINES
Disconnect 6 letters UNLINK
Young one 3 letters TOT
Tibia’s place 4 letters SHIN
Civil 6 letters POLITE
Made flat 6 letters EVENED
Doorstop shape 5 letters WEDGE
Spotted 6 letters ESPIED
Warbled 4 letters SANG
Justice Scalia 7 letters ANTONIN
Orderly 4 letters NEAT
Writer Uris 4 letters LEON
Texas baseballer 6 letters RANGER
Praised 6 letters LAUDED
Storefront sight 6 letters AWNING
Champagne drink 6 letters MIMOSA
Sulking 6 letters INAPET
Cumin or coriander 5 letters SPICE
Peach parts 4 letters PITS
Skein members 5 letters GEESE
Staff symbol 4 letters NOTE

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