Thomas Joseph Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

Arthur of the courts 4 letters ASHE
Cup holder 6 letters SAUCER
Cajole 4 letters COAX
Take for granted 6 letters ASSUME
Easy win 4 letters ROMP
Increase 6 letters STEPUP
Tangled up 8 letters ENMESHED
Peyton’s brother 3 letters ELI
Old characters 5 letters RUNES
Historic event 5 letters FIRST
Digging tool 5 letters SPADE
Spanish gold 3 letters ORO
Words with pickle or jam 3 letters INA
Batch of drinks 5 letters ROUND
Energy choice 5 letters SOLAR
ATM button 5 letters ENTER
Tax org. 3 letters IRS
Brake’s neighbor 8 letters GASPEDAL
Incense 6 letters ENRAGE
Adore 4 letters LOVE
Cheer for 6 letters ROOTON
Big gulp 4 letters SWIG
Go to 6 letters ATTEND
Cuts off 4 letters ENDS
Plot unit 4 letters ACRE
Shortly 4 letters SOON
Produce after much discussion 9 letters HAMMEROUT
Gives the boot 6 letters EXPELS
Window part 4 letters SASH
Fall flowers 6 letters ASTERS
Depleted 6 letters USEDUP
Recipe unit 3 letters CUP
Running bird 3 letters EMU
Gym unit 3 letters REP
Use pews 3 letters SIT
Finalizes 9 letters NAILSDOWN
Writer Ferber 4 letters EDNA
Blacken 4 letters SEAR
Course cry 4 letters FORE
Steel ingredient 4 letters IRON
Make void 6 letters NEGATE
Knight’s foe 6 letters DRAGON
Tentative taste 3 letters SIP
Threat ending 6 letters ORELSE
Transmit 4 letters SEND
Keen 4 letters AVID
Tripod trio 4 letters LEGS
Geologic period 3 letters ERA
Undoing word 3 letters NOT

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