Thomas Joseph Crossword June 22 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword June 22 2022 Answers:

Scrub 4 letters WASH
Parish leader 6 letters RECTOR
Canyon sound 4 letters ECHO
Horse-related 6 letters EQUINE
Stage item 4 letters PROP
Didn’t guzzle 6 letters NURSED
Player’s peg 3 letters TEE
Accomplishment 4 letters FEAT
Knitted wrap 5 letters SHAWL
Spoil 3 letters MAR
Over There! writer 5 letters COHAN
Teatime treat 5 letters SCONE
Related 4 letters AKIN
Map region 4 letters ZONE
Mountain group 5 letters RANGE
Seminar group 5 letters PANEL
Tourney pass 3 letters BYE
Mocks 5 letters JEERS
Phone message 4 letters TEXT
Derby or boater 3 letters HAT
Famed Florentine family 6 letters MEDICI
In — veritas 4 letters VINO
Tips off 6 letters ALERTS
Excited about 4 letters INTO
Most pleasant 6 letters NICEST
Come together 4 letters MEET
Cried 4 letters WEPT
Lot unit 4 letters ACRE
Oxford application 9 letters SHOESHINE
Little jump 3 letters HOP
Make fresh 5 letters RENEW
Matches 6 letters EQUALS
Brusque 4 letters CURT
Frank McCourt book 3 letters TIS
Counting start 3 letters ONE
Valentine color 3 letters RED
Team backer 3 letters FAN
Put up 4 letters HANG
Still output 9 letters MOONSHINE
Poet Sexton 4 letters ANNE
Lively folk dance 4 letters REEL
Diet no-no for some 4 letters CARB
Sanction 4 letters OKAY
Russian ruler 4 letters CZAR
Throws out 6 letters EJECTS
Sulky state 3 letters PET
Be real 5 letters EXIST
Bike part 4 letters TIRE
Hand cost 4 letters ANTE
Bender 4 letters TOOT
Fellow 3 letters MAN
Yale student 3 letters ELI
Last mo. 3 letters DEC

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