Thomas Joseph Crossword June 22 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword June 22 2021 Answers:

Important times 4 letters ERAS
Original 5 letters FRESH
Jeans material 5 letters DENIM
Math comparison 5 letters RATIO
Meet up 11 letters GETTOGETHER
Building wing 3 letters ELL
Doc for dogs 3 letters VET
Braying beast 3 letters ASS
Think appropriate 6 letters SEEFIT
Poker payment 4 letters ANTE
Uses a towel 5 letters DRIES
Neptune’s domain 4 letters SEAS
Fire remnants 5 letters ASHES
Blast of wind 4 letters GUST
Conspicuous 5 letters OVERT
Creative work 4 letters OPUS
Rip again 6 letters RETEAR
PC connection letters 3 letters USB
Middle: Abbr. 3 letters CTR
Dallas sch. 3 letters SMU
Brawl 11 letters GETPHYSICAL
Carl’s wife in Up 5 letters ELLIE
43-Across-to-be 5 letters OVULE
Winter weather 5 letters SLEET
Future flower 4 letters SEED
Borders 5 letters EDGES
Staggered 6 letters REELED
Elk feature 6 letters ANTLER
Plop down 3 letters SIT
Worry 4 letters FRET
Sewer rodent 3 letters RAT
Flammable gas 6 letters ETHANE
Midday break 6 letters SIESTA
Stable group 6 letters HORSES
Multiplex offerings 6 letters MOVIES
Travolta film 9 letters GETSHORTY
Decrees 5 letters FIATS
Good quality 5 letters ASSET
Extremely 6 letters EVERSO
Makes deep cuts 6 letters GOUGES
Try to induce a bigger purchase 6 letters UPSELL
None too obvious 6 letters SUBTLE
Save 6 letters RESCUE
Tex-Mex snack 6 letters TAMALE
Held power 5 letters RULED
Trumpeter Baker 4 letters CHET
Bakery choice 3 letters PIE

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