Thomas Joseph Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Massage target 4 letters ACHE
Turkish title 4 letters AGHA
Essays 5 letters TRIES
Big pipes 5 letters MAINS
Monopoly buy 5 letters HOTEL
Response to Danke 5 letters BITTE
Ump’s call 3 letters OUT
Helped in a heist 7 letters ABETTED
Learned sort 7 letters SCHOLAR
O sometimes 3 letters HUG
Bittern’s cousin 5 letters HERON
Muppet prawn 4 letters PEPE
Toast spread 3 letters JAM
What was that? 3 letters HUH
Milky stone 4 letters OPAL
Uninspired 5 letters VAPID
Ocean off Cal. 3 letters PAC
Flooded 7 letters DELUGED
Tangled 7 letters INKNOTS
Med. coverage provider 3 letters HMO
Himalayan land 5 letters NEPAL
Moses of the track 5 letters EDWIN
Wed in haste 5 letters ELOPE
Baker’s need 5 letters YEAST
Rating unit 4 letters STAR
Looks over 4 letters EYES
Friend of D’Artagnan 5 letters ATHOS
Catcher’s position 6 letters CROUCH
Win big 13 letters HITTHEJACKPOT
Wide shoe letters 3 letters EEE
Fossil resin 5 letters AMBER
Clip 4 letters GAIT
Leave so to speak 13 letters HITTHEHIGHWAY
Pay to play 6 letters ANTEUP
Ski event 6 letters SLALOM
Marshy grass 5 letters SEDGE
Outlaw 3 letters BAN
Spoken 4 letters ORAL
— platter (Polynesian menu choice) 4 letters PUPU
Without Me singer 6 letters HALSEY
Speculate 5 letters OPINE
Discussion groups 6 letters PANELS
Dog’s doc 3 letters VET
Downfall 6 letters DEMISE
One who apportions 5 letters DOLER
Forbidden acts 5 letters DONTS
Wine valley 4 letters NAPA

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