Thomas Joseph Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

Dispatch 4 letters SEND
Group of actors 4 letters CAST
North Pole name 5 letters CLAUS
Javelin’s kin 5 letters LANCE
Juliet’s love 5 letters ROMEO
Heart for one 5 letters ORGAN
— tree (cornered) 3 letters UPA
Players at the plate 7 letters BATTERS
Improves 7 letters BETTERS
Writer Harper 3 letters LEE
Concise 5 letters SHORT
Young fellow 3 letters TAD
Concerning 5 letters ASFOR
Spot to jot 3 letters PAD
Left on a liner 5 letters APORT
Maximum amount 3 letters ALL
Manhattan ingredient 7 letters BITTERS
Tops as toast 7 letters BUTTERS
Atlas page 3 letters MAP
Provinces 5 letters AREAS
Mirror sight 5 letters IMAGE
Bakery buys 5 letters TARTS
Gymnast Comaneci 5 letters NADIA
Frozen queen 4 letters ELSA
Dealer’s need 4 letters DECK
Wash thoroughly 5 letters SCRUB
Skips a ceremony 6 letters ELOPES
Joe of the Jets 6 letters NAMATH
Expected 3 letters DUE
Golf course rental 4 letters CART
Germany’s Merkel 6 letters ANGELA
Trembling 6 letters SCARED
Keyed up 5 letters TENSE
Gets serious 6 letters SOBERS
A bunch 4 letters LOTS
Craft show’s kin 7 letters ARTFAIR
Warty creature 4 letters TOAD
Easy gait 4 letters TROT
Chooses to participate 6 letters OPTSIN
Like mice and men 6 letters PLURAL
Changes 6 letters ALTERS
Newly fashioned 6 letters REMADE
Calamitous 6 letters TRAGIC
Let up 5 letters ABATE
Porgy’s love 4 letters BESS
Command to Spot 5 letters SPEAK
See ya! 4 letters TATA

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