Thomas Joseph Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Takes care of the final details 6 letters MOPSUP
Told tales 4 letters LIED
Playwright Eugene 6 letters ONEILL
Not busy 4 letters IDLE
Doorway hanging 11 letters BEADCURTAIN
Bona fide 5 letters LEGIT
Saloon quaff 4 letters BEER
Word of action 4 letters VERB
Edges 4 letters RIMS
Kitchen gadgets 6 letters PARERS
Phone download 3 letters APP
Brooks of film 3 letters MEL
Director Spike 3 letters LEE
Tie up 6 letters TETHER
Chess win 4 letters MATE
Did a textile job 4 letters DYED
Printed matter 4 letters TEXT
Flexible 5 letters LITHE
Absolutely sure 11 letters DEADCERTAIN
Pearl Harbor setting 4 letters OAHU
Origin 6 letters SOURCE
Snare 4 letters TRAP
Quartet plus trio 6 letters SEPTET
Unruly crowd 3 letters MOB
Low digit 3 letters ONE
Stew sphere 3 letters PEA
Moves like a crab 6 letters SIDLES
Peptic problem 5 letters ULCER
Cord end 4 letters PLUG
Refuse 6 letters LITTER
Writer Tarbell 3 letters IDA
Yale rooter 3 letters ELI
Bear’s lair 3 letters DEN
Competitor 5 letters RIVAL
Human for one 5 letters BIPED
Unoccupied 5 letters EMPTY
Take it easy 5 letters RELAX
Quarterback Favre 5 letters BRETT
Sewer dweller 3 letters RAT
Apiece 3 letters PER
Notice 3 letters SEE
Army healer 5 letters MEDIC
Delayed 6 letters HELDUP
Get together 6 letters MEETUP
Painful spasm 5 letters THROE
Thomas Hardy heroine 4 letters TESS
Morse bit 3 letters DOT
Lobed organ 3 letters EAR
Cry of insight 3 letters AHA
Museum focus 3 letters ART
Drink cubes 3 letters ICE
Rink material 3 letters NET

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