Thomas Joseph Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Latitude 5 letters SCOPE
Disorder 4 letters MESS
Highway sections 5 letters LANES
Entice 5 letters TEMPT
Left on a liner 5 letters APORT
Film trophy 5 letters OSCAR
Wait to pounce 4 letters LURK
Cry to a rescuer 6 letters MYHERO
Outdated 3 letters OLD
Bro’s sibling 3 letters SIS
Sixth sense briefly 3 letters ESP
Kalahari critters 8 letters MEERKATS
Loyal 4 letters WAHR
Inning count 4 letters OUTS
Brewery sights 8 letters BEERVATS
Soak up 3 letters SOP
Take a stab at 3 letters TRY
Tourist’s aid 3 letters MAP
Penn for one 6 letters QUAKER
Renown 4 letters FAME
Beneath 5 letters UNDER
Andrews of Mary Poppins 5 letters JULIE
Land units 5 letters ACRES
Add a change to 5 letters AMEND
Like an abyss 4 letters DEEP
Buttes’ kin 5 letters MESAS
Downhill course 6 letters SLALOM
Montague foe 7 letters CAPULET
Not yet in stock 7 letters ONORDER
Make coffee 4 letters PERK
Id — 3 letters EST
Interlace 4 letters MESH
Game show host 5 letters EMCEE
Ship poles 5 letters SPARS
Barber’s aid 5 letters STROP
Hit movie of 1995 8 letters TOYSTORY
Farrow of film 3 letters MIA
Pesky bugs informally 8 letters SKEETERS
Massage 3 letters RUB
Minivan alternative 3 letters SUV
Mexican snacks 7 letters TAMALES
Endurance 7 letters STAMINA
Muff 3 letters ERR
Ignores the limit 6 letters SPEEDS
Team 5 letters SQUAD
Pound part 5 letters OUNCE
San Diego player 5 letters PADRE
Retain 4 letters KEEP
Be enraged 4 letters FUME

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