Thomas Joseph Crossword January 24 2023 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword January 24 2023 Answers:

Bring together 5 letters UNITE
Istanbul natives 5 letters TURKS
Network points 5 letters NODES
Looks — everything 5 letters ARENT
Campaign leader 11 letters FRONTRUNNER
Immigrant’s subj. 3 letters ESL
Solo of Star Wars 3 letters HAN
Kickoff aid 3 letters TEE
Sweet course 7 letters DESSERT
Star pitcher 3 letters ACE
Had supper 3 letters ATE
Thin board 4 letters SLAT
Wise saying 5 letters ADAGE
Grating sounds 5 letters RASPS
Swear 4 letters CUSS
Actor Affleck 3 letters BEN
Gym unit 3 letters REP
Determined 7 letters DEADSET
Dedicated verse 3 letters ODE
Ill. neighbor 3 letters IND
Actor Mahershala 3 letters ALI
False friend 11 letters BACKSTABBER
Top story 5 letters ATTIC
Fragment 5 letters PIECE
Lab work 5 letters TESTS
Civil wrongs 5 letters TORTS
Hungry probably 5 letters UNFED
Like Thor and Odin 5 letters NORSE
Pop stars 5 letters IDOLS
Wallet bill 3 letters TEN
Art lover 7 letters ESTHETE
Jeer at 5 letters TAUNT
Coffee dispenser 3 letters URN
Tourists’ cars 7 letters RENTALS
Patella 7 letters KNEECAP
City ways 7 letters STREETS
Quite uncommon 4 letters RARE
Hangs low 4 letters SAGS
Beach cover 4 letters SAND
Circus star 7 letters ACROBAT
Time of delivery perhaps 7 letters DUEDATE
Facets 7 letters ASPECTS
Adjust to new conditions 7 letters READAPT
Crooked 4 letters BENT
Brake shapes 5 letters DISCS
Cavalry weapon 5 letters SABER
Put in office 5 letters ELECT
Grows weary 5 letters TIRES
Young fox 3 letters KIT

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