Thomas Joseph Crossword January 15 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword January 15 2022 Answers:

Dance bit 4 letters STEP
Entices 5 letters LURES
Deadly 5 letters TOXIC
Sluggish 5 letters INERT
Different 5 letters OTHER
Up to now 5 letters SOFAR
Cry — River 3 letters MEA
LAX guess 3 letters ETA
Can. neighbor 3 letters USA
Radio-emitting star 6 letters PULSAR
Hearty entree 4 letters STEW
Siamese caretaker 9 letters PETSITTER
Eagle’s home 5 letters AERIE
Moneyed traveler 9 letters JETSETTER
Traffic marker 4 letters CONE
Rabble 6 letters MASSES
Cart puller 3 letters ASS
Bear’s lair 3 letters DEN
Lobbying org. 3 letters PAC
Glisten 5 letters SHINE
Pol’s concern 5 letters IMAGE
Pull gently 5 letters TUGON
TV’s O’Brien 5 letters CONAN
Yellow-gray 5 letters SANDY
Long for 4 letters WANT
Jazz dance 5 letters STOMP
Add 6 letters TOTEUP
Let it out 6 letters EXHALE
Cobbler’s cousin 3 letters PIE
Maggie’s sister 4 letters LISA
One for Juan 3 letters UNO
Prove false 6 letters REFUTE
Pencil end 6 letters ERASER
Sipping aid 5 letters STRAW
Folds 7 letters CREASES
Galley with banks of oars 7 letters TRIREME
Declare 5 letters STATE
Undoes a dele 5 letters STETS
Doomed liner 7 letters TITANIC
Painter Reynolds 6 letters JOSHUA
Banner 6 letters ENSIGN
Site of Sevilla 6 letters ESPANA
Carter’s successor 6 letters REAGAN
Fills parts 5 letters CASTS
Perfume 5 letters SCENT
Turn down 4 letters DENY
Silent assent 3 letters NOD

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