Thomas Joseph Crossword January 14 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword January 14 2022 Answers:

Sound from a smithy 5 letters CLANG
Absolutely not 5 letters NOHOW
California cager 5 letters LAKER
President born in Hawaii 5 letters OBAMA
Rust for one 5 letters OXIDE
Trifled 5 letters TOYED
Army address 3 letters SIR
Farm measure 7 letters ACREAGE
Letter after zeta 3 letters ETA
Low digit 3 letters TOE
Crew need 3 letters OAR
Young one 4 letters TYKE
Soothing ointments 5 letters BALMS
GI-entertaining org. 3 letters USO
Maui souvenir 3 letters LEI
Gets ready 5 letters PREPS
Fabric worker 4 letters DYER
Overly 3 letters TOO
Corn unit 3 letters EAR
Ring legend 3 letters ALI
Gist 7 letters ESSENCE
Ray-gun sound 3 letters ZAP
Barrel piece 5 letters STAVE
Map division 5 letters STATE
Castle part 5 letters TOWER
Game piece 5 letters TOKEN
Stretches over 5 letters SPANS
Cheese choice 5 letters SWISS
Hanger site 6 letters CLOSET
Looseness 6 letters LAXITY
Ran director 13 letters AKIRAKUROSAWA
Homer’s neighbor 3 letters NED
Terrific 5 letters GREAT
Imaginary 7 letters NOTREAL
Bassoon’s kin 4 letters OBOE
Spirited Away director 13 letters HAYAOMIYAZAKI
Last letters 6 letters OMEGAS
Tall boot 5 letters WADER
Corn core 3 letters COB
Language suffix 3 letters ESE
Was a pioneer 3 letters LED
Starting bids 7 letters OPENERS
Like some convalescent care 6 letters POSTOP
Pouchlike part 3 letters SAC
Brightens 6 letters ELATES
Turns red perhaps 6 letters RIPENS
Lab work 5 letters TESTS
Takes ten 5 letters RESTS
Smooth 4 letters EVEN

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