Thomas Joseph Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Pageantry 4 letters POMP
Tile holder 5 letters GROUT
Finished 4 letters OVER
Make happy 6 letters PLEASE
Floor model 4 letters DEMO
Fulminated 6 letters RANTED
It may be studded 8 letters SNOWTIRE
Energetic person 8 letters LIVEWIRE
Entirely 6 letters PURELY
Approval 3 letters NOD
Eat away 5 letters ERODE
Burger topper 5 letters BACON
Oklahoma city 3 letters ADA
Reply to Gracias 6 letters DENADA
Guaranteed 8 letters SUREFIRE
Sticky situation 8 letters QUAGMIRE
Author Cervantes 6 letters MIGUEL
Egg outline 4 letters OVAL
Contacts in a way 6 letters EMAILS
Finger feature 4 letters NAIL
Surprised sounds 5 letters GASPS
Cuts off 4 letters ENDS
Cacao holders 4 letters PODS
Kitchen need 4 letters OVEN
Office note 4 letters MEMO
Moved with stealth 7 letters PROWLED
Angry look 5 letters GLARE
Make fresh 5 letters RENEW
Feedbag bit 3 letters OAT
Try out 3 letters USE
Rocker Nugent 3 letters TED
Old outhouse 5 letters PRIVY
Mosaic piece 4 letters TILE
Cuzco native 4 letters INCA
Crucifix 4 letters ROOD
Writer Buchanan 4 letters EDNA
Soup veggies 4 letters PEAS
Pakistan tongue 4 letters URDU
Stadium sound 4 letters ROAR
Ice chunk 4 letters BERG
Showy flower 7 letters ANEMONE
Old radio parts 5 letters DIALS
Outfit 5 letters EQUIP
Stimulates 5 letters FUELS
Tennis star Lendl 4 letters IVAN
Foray 4 letters RAID
Building wings 4 letters ELLS
One of the March sisters 3 letters MEG
— Believer 3 letters IMA
Helium for one 3 letters GAS

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