Thomas Joseph Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Like Superman 5 letters CAPED
Windshield clearer 5 letters WIPER
Make a speech 5 letters ORATE
Singer Lena 5 letters HORNE
They get spots out 11 letters DRYCLEANERS
Long long time 3 letters EON
Building wing 3 letters ELL
Second person 3 letters YOU
Honey 7 letters SWEETIE
Total 3 letters SUM
Agreeable answer 3 letters YES
Carryall 4 letters TOTE
Gives a hoot 5 letters CARES
Trees with needles 5 letters PINES
Beame and Burrows 4 letters ABES
Game cube 3 letters DIE
Convoy member 3 letters RIG
Biting as humor 7 letters MORDANT
Chicken — king 3 letters ALA
Historic time 3 letters ERA
Garden tool 3 letters HOE
Party poopers 11 letters WETBLANKETS
Paid for a hand 5 letters ANTED
Body pump 5 letters HEART
In the Seven Woods poet 5 letters YEATS
Peruvian peaks 5 letters ANDES
Message systems 5 letters CODES
Quiver item 5 letters ARROW
Golfer Stewart 5 letters PAYNE
Series-ending abbr. 3 letters ETC
Edits out 7 letters DELETES
Marine mammal 5 letters WHALE
Charged particle 3 letters ION
Makes a victim of 7 letters PREYSON
In transit 7 letters ENROUTE
Begins anew 7 letters RESUMES
Yale students 4 letters ELIS
Looks over 4 letters EYES
Even as a score 4 letters TIED
Seed for rye 7 letters CARAWAY
Ike’s boyhood home 7 letters ABILENE
Yacht contest 7 letters REGATTA
Voracious fish 7 letters PIRANHA
TV explorer 4 letters DORA
Pinochle scores 5 letters MELDS
In the lead 5 letters AHEAD
— Dame 5 letters NOTRE
Lab activity 5 letters TESTS
Track act 3 letters BET

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