Thomas Joseph Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

Fall flower 5 letters ASTER
Sow’s mate 4 letters BOAR
River boat 5 letters BARGE
The Tempest sprite 5 letters ARIEL
Wise saying 5 letters AXIOM
Act the waiter 5 letters SERVE
Foot part 3 letters TOE
Bran bit 3 letters OAT
Dog doctor 3 letters VET
Public approval 11 letters ENDORSEMENT
Battleship letters 3 letters USS
Bus Stop playwright 4 letters INGE
Malice 5 letters SPITE
Door sign 5 letters ENTER
Touch down 4 letters LAND
Boxer Laila 3 letters ALI
Police job 11 letters ENFORCEMENT
Employ 3 letters USE
Money machine 3 letters ATM
Spoil 3 letters MAR
Ready for bed 5 letters TIRED
Wear away 5 letters ERODE
Painter Matisse 5 letters HENRI
Staff symbols 5 letters NOTES
Mediocre 4 letters SOSO
Layers 5 letters TIERS
Let up 5 letters ABATE
Invader of England 5 letters SAXON
Attempted 5 letters TRIED
Sense of self 3 letters EGO
Deep regret 7 letters REMORSE
Moisten in the kitchen 5 letters BASTE
Mine rock 3 letters ORE
Duct 7 letters AIRVENT
Vindictive quest 7 letters REVENGE
Pi phi or psi 6 letters LETTER
Cart puller 3 letters ASS
Surpass 5 letters OUTDO
Sixtieth of a dram 5 letters MINIM
Detective 6 letters SLEUTH
Violets’ cousins 7 letters PANSIES
Dante topic 7 letters INFERNO
Tin or titanium 7 letters ELEMENT
Play division 3 letters ACT
Ham’s device 5 letters RADIO
Ham it up 5 letters EMOTE
Consumerist Ralph 5 letters NADER
Lock of hair 5 letters TRESS
Hosp. sections 3 letters ERS

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