Thomas Joseph Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Reviled 5 letters HATED
Cellist Casals 5 letters PABLO
Colleague of Spock and Sulu 5 letters UHURA
Peer 5 letters EQUAL
Tie the knot 5 letters MARRY
Race prize 5 letters PURSE
Snowman’s carrot 4 letters NOSE
Crumb carriers 4 letters ANTS
Commotion 4 letters STIR
Truck stop sight 4 letters SEMI
Fancy vase 3 letters URN
Peculiar 7 letters STRANGE
Aerie builder 5 letters EAGLE
Steaming 5 letters ANGRY
Damascus natives 7 letters SYRIANS
Wish undone 3 letters RUE
Pinnacle 4 letters ACME
Saloons 4 letters PUBS
Flank 4 letters SIDE
Dollop 4 letters GLOB
Cake cover 5 letters ICING
Shady spot 5 letters ARBOR
Scoundrel 5 letters LOUSE
Public outburst 5 letters SCENE
Start 5 letters ONSET
Tear into tatters 5 letters SHRED
Rhythmic sound 3 letters HUM
That’s it! 3 letters AHA
U-turn measure 13 letters TURNINGRADIUS
Slip 5 letters ERROR
Calendar units 4 letters DAYS
Vitality 3 letters PEP
Hero from Atlantis 7 letters AQUAMAN
Driving really fast 13 letters BURNINGRUBBER
Endure 4 letters LAST
Flamenco cries 4 letters OLES
Id — 3 letters EST
Takes to court 4 letters SUES
Waiter’s aid 4 letters TRAY
Important times 4 letters ERAS
Jeans joint 4 letters SEAM
Eats 4 letters GRUB
Looks over 4 letters EYES
Driver’s need 7 letters LICENSE
Not pos. 3 letters NEG
Welcome mat site 5 letters PORCH
Farm sight 4 letters SILO
Clickable picture 4 letters ICON
Highlands girl 4 letters LASS
Acquire 3 letters GET
Afternoon hour 3 letters ONE

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