Thomas Joseph Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Cheated in slang 5 letters HOSED
Pork servings 5 letters CHOPS
Baghdad native 5 letters IRAQI
TV’s Mandel 5 letters HOWIE
Diner pages 5 letters MENUS
Building wing 5 letters ANNEX
Golf ball feature 6 letters DIMPLE
Strange 3 letters ODD
Nettle 3 letters IRK
Butter unit 3 letters BAR
Liner trip 6 letters CRUISE
Bowling site 4 letters LANE
Cheerleader stunts 11 letters HANDSPRINGS
Some sheep 4 letters EWES
Hawk 6 letters PEDDLE
Hosp. workers 3 letters RNS
Play judge 3 letters REF
Dripping 3 letters WET
Snake-haired Gorgon 6 letters MEDUSA
Coffee bar order 5 letters DECAF
Forum garb 5 letters TOGAS
Blow away 5 letters AMAZE
Wear away 5 letters ERODE
Store patron 5 letters BUYER
Slow-witted 5 letters DENSE
That fellow 3 letters HIM
Mine yield 3 letters ORE
Sahara sights 9 letters SANDDUNES
Prefix for distant or angular 4 letters EQUI
Shrug off 7 letters DISMISS
Blackboard need 5 letters CHALK
Sharpen 4 letters HONE
Hold title to 3 letters OWN
Chart model 3 letters PIE
Kinsey topic 3 letters SEX
Got ready 7 letters PREPPED
Earthy color 5 letters OCHER
Sketched 5 letters DRAWN
Popular movement 9 letters BANDWAGON
Slant 5 letters ANGLE
Stopwatch button 5 letters RESET
Check-cashing needs 3 letters IDS
Pot part 3 letters LID
Proved false 7 letters REFUTED
Allude 5 letters REFER
Puzzle book feature 4 letters MAZE
Steamed 4 letters SORE
Bit of ointment 3 letters DAB
Outback runner 3 letters EMU
Coral island 3 letters CAY
TV spots 3 letters ADS
Spot 3 letters SEE

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