Thomas Joseph Crossword August 6 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword August 6 2022 Answers:

Get lost! 4 letters SHOO
German cries 4 letters ACHS
Puffball bit 5 letters SPORE
Made cow sounds 5 letters MOOED
Football’s Rashad 5 letters AHMAD
Bisected 5 letters INTWO
Vegas job 7 letters DEALING
Help out 3 letters AID
Bol. neighbor 3 letters ARG
Taking its toll? 7 letters PEALING
Prepares to drive 6 letters TEESUP
Spur on 4 letters URGE
Showy flower 5 letters ASTER
By way of informally 4 letters THRU
Anxious feeling 6 letters UNEASE
Curative 7 letters HEALING
Tapped item 3 letters KEG
Hosp. sections 3 letters ERS
Kind of wax 7 letters SEALING
Convergent 5 letters FOCAL
Washer cycle 5 letters RINSE
Pester 5 letters TEASE
Out of style 5 letters DATED
Louver piece 4 letters SLAT
Amorous archer 4 letters EROS
Bubble shape 6 letters SPHERE
Tribute 6 letters HOMAGE
Spoken 4 letters ORAL
Antigone’s father 7 letters OEDIPUS
Female friend to Fernando 5 letters AMIGA
Take in 3 letters CON
Blather 6 letters HOTAIR
Bee activity 6 letters SEWING
Egypt’s Anwar 5 letters SADAT
Avoid 5 letters DODGE
Triton orbits it 7 letters NEPTUNE
Lead on 4 letters LURE
Writer Bellow 4 letters SAUL
Fencing cry 7 letters ENGARDE
Larceny 5 letters THEFT
Medal recipients 6 letters HEROES
Scamp 6 letters RASCAL
Like 6 letters AKINTO
Detects 6 letters SENSES
Spurred (on) 5 letters EGGED
Key 5 letters ISLET
Teller of tales 4 letters LIAR

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