Thomas Joseph Crossword August 5 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword August 5 2022 Answers:

Power unit 4 letters WATT
Openings 4 letters GAPS
Sore spots 5 letters ACHES
Choose 5 letters ELECT
Publicity act 5 letters STUNT
Caruso for one 5 letters TENOR
Sewing aid 3 letters PIN
Tutor 7 letters EDUCATE
Fizzy quaff 7 letters SODAPOP
Tell tales 3 letters LIE
Link 5 letters NEXUS
Cockpit guesses 4 letters ETAS
Tatter 3 letters RIP
Broker’s advice 3 letters BUY
Lateral e.g. 4 letters PASS
Pop 5 letters BURST
Busy worker 3 letters ANT
Signified 7 letters DENOTED
Emaciated 7 letters SCRAWNY
Norma — 3 letters RAE
Yonder items 5 letters THOSE
Happened 5 letters AROSE
Rube 5 letters YOKEL
Au naturel 5 letters NAKED
Authentic 4 letters REAL
Citi Field team 4 letters METS
Some stingers 5 letters WASPS
Director’s cry 6 letters ACTION
Storm flash 13 letters THUNDERSTROKE
Toe count 3 letters TEN
Costume 5 letters GETUP
Guinness of film 4 letters ALEC
Result of hitting into a water hazard 13 letters PENALTYSTROKE
Nova — 6 letters SCOTIA
Increase 6 letters STEPUP
Grove makeup 5 letters TREES
Twice uno 3 letters DOS
Line of symmetry 4 letters AXIS
Continental coin 4 letters EURO
Legendary Paul 6 letters BUNYAN
Ashen 5 letters PASTY
News star 6 letters ANCHOR
Golfer Hogan 3 letters BEN
Social service 6 letters TEASET
Reside 5 letters DWELL
Monopoly cards 5 letters DEEDS
Cruising 4 letters ASEA

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