Thomas Joseph Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Group of actors 4 letters CAST
Informal farewell 4 letters TATA
Tall boot 5 letters WADER
Make ashamed 5 letters ABASH
Battery end 5 letters ANODE
In itself 5 letters PERSE
Goal 6 letters TARGET
Buddhism branch 3 letters ZEN
Fencing sword 4 letters EPEE
Chances to hit 6 letters ATBATS
Crimson 3 letters RED
Empties out 6 letters DRAINS
Release 5 letters LETGO
Pilfers 6 letters STEALS
Fall mo. 3 letters SEP
Snoopy for one 6 letters BEAGLE
Gone With the Wind plantation 4 letters TARA
Screw up 3 letters ERR
Runway material 6 letters TARMAC
Stand 5 letters GETUP
Minor mistake 5 letters LAPSE
Serpent 5 letters SNAKE
Wastes time 5 letters IDLES
Over again 4 letters ANEW
Golf pegs 4 letters TEES
Party nibble 6 letters CANAPE
Found darling 6 letters ADORED
Grassy plant 5 letters SEDGE
Grove growth 4 letters TREE
Keg need 3 letters TAP
Lincoln nickname 3 letters ABE
Lord of the jungle 6 letters TARZAN
Good qualities 6 letters ASSETS
Bottled buy 5 letters WATER
Coop group 4 letters HENS
Small pie 7 letters TARTLET
Gift attachments 4 letters TAGS
Life story for short 3 letters BIO
Bargain 4 letters DEAL
Table part 3 letters LEG
Tennis star Williams 6 letters SERENA
Kilt pattern 6 letters TARTAN
Try out 6 letters SAMPLE
Makes blank 6 letters ERASES
Shows nervousness 5 letters PACES
Pleads 4 letters BEGS
Barter 5 letters TRADE
Stepped down 4 letters ALIT
Luau instrument 3 letters UKE
Chapel seat 3 letters PEW

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