Thomas Joseph Crossword August 18 2022 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword August 18 2022 Answers:

Bugler’s evening call 4 letters TAPS
Plot 6 letters SCHEME
Trumpeter Al 4 letters HIRT
Blackout thief 6 letters LOOTER
Smell 4 letters ODOR
White Rabbit’s cry 6 letters IMLATE
Turned over a new leaf 8 letters REFORMED
Eden name 3 letters EVE
Check marks 5 letters TICKS
English county 5 letters ESSEX
Peach center 5 letters STONE
— Angeles 3 letters LOS
Veto 3 letters NIX
Pretentious people 5 letters SNOBS
Grant’s bill 5 letters FIFTY
Snowy wader 5 letters EGRET
Top pitcher 3 letters ACE
Theater seat features 8 letters ARMRESTS
Chin cover 6 letters GOATEE
Tibet setting 4 letters ASIA
Confuses 6 letters ADDLES
Big ringer 4 letters GONG
Plagues 6 letters BESETS
Historic periods 4 letters ERAS
Hammer wielder 4 letters THOR
Staff member 4 letters AIDE
College figure 9 letters PROFESSOR
Tried hard 6 letters STROVE
Slender 4 letters SLIM
Astronomical sightings 6 letters COMETS
Wait a sec! 6 letters HOLDIT
Greek vowel 3 letters ETA
Convened 3 letters MET
Before to bards 3 letters ERE
Sheepdog in Babe 3 letters REX
Priest at times 9 letters CONFESSOR
Polo shirt e.g. 4 letters KNIT
Hot 4 letters SEXY
Different 4 letters ELSE
Musical number 4 letters SONG
John or Paul 6 letters BEATLE
Manhole setting 6 letters STREET
Way off 3 letters FAR
Pleistocene period 6 letters ICEAGE
Clutter 4 letters MESS
Turner of song 4 letters TINA
Yields to gravity 4 letters SAGS
Chatter 3 letters GAB
Dedicated verse 3 letters ODE

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