Thomas Joseph Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Breakaway group 4 letters SECT
Mailbox part 4 letters SLOT
Bars on cars 5 letters AXLES
Easy two-pointer 5 letters TIPIN
Shrek’s love 5 letters FIONA
Singer Cara 5 letters IRENE
High trains 3 letters ELS
Lease signers 7 letters TENANTS
Staggering 7 letters REELING
To date 3 letters YET
Fabric workers 5 letters DYERS
Peas’ places 4 letters PODS
Count start 3 letters ONE
Fifth Beatle Sutcliffe 3 letters STU
Close 4 letters SHUT
Flag features 5 letters STARS
Musical ability 3 letters EAR
Bring together 7 letters MARSHAL
Mean 7 letters AVERAGE
Yale rooter 3 letters ELI
Stratum 5 letters LAYER
Andorra neighbor 5 letters SPAIN
Furtive one 5 letters SNEAK
Start a set 5 letters SERVE
Pharaoh symbols 4 letters ASPS
Slightly 4 letters ATAD
Less dangerous 5 letters SAFER
Driven out 6 letters EXILED
1967 Peaches and Herb hit 13 letters CLOSEYOUREYES
Top rating 3 letters TEN
Police trap 5 letters STING
Old Italian coin 4 letters LIRA
1986 Madonna hit 13 letters OPENYOURHEART
Like some windshields 6 letters TINTED
Mocking work 6 letters SATIRE
High homes 5 letters NESTS
USN rank 3 letters ENS
Easter lead-in 4 letters LENT
Sch. orgs. 4 letters PTAS
Accent 6 letters STRESS
Elite Navy group 5 letters SEALS
Cuban capital 6 letters HAVANA
Slump 3 letters SAG
Digestive aid 6 letters SALIVA
Targets 5 letters MARKS
Like some jackets 5 letters LINED
Take in 4 letters REAP

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