Thomas Joseph Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Thomas Joseph Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Took notice 5 letters SATUP
Out of order 5 letters KAPUT
Make blank 5 letters ERASE
Plain silly 5 letters INANE
They wait for no man 11 letters TIMEANDTIDE
Maple fluid 3 letters SAP
Convent resident 3 letters NUN
Mafia leader 3 letters DON
Dice essentially 5 letters CUBES
Left on a liner 5 letters APORT
Swiss trill 5 letters YODEL
Hamlet for one 4 letters DANE
Valentine word 4 letters LOVE
Hang loosely 5 letters DRAPE
Exercised one’s right 5 letters VOTED
Forest sights 5 letters TREES
In the style of 3 letters ALA
Friend of Harry and Hermione 3 letters RON
Relaxing retreat 3 letters SPA
Have trouble sleeping 11 letters TOSSANDTURN
Hunter in the stars 5 letters ORION
Little hooter 5 letters OWLET
Intended 5 letters MEANT
Wake up 5 letters ROUSE
Hardens 4 letters SETS
Opera piece 4 letters ARIA
Pack down 4 letters TAMP
Try out 3 letters USE
Trail mix bit 6 letters PEANUT
Bean-shaped organ 6 letters KIDNEY
Crumb carrier 3 letters ANT
Bill stamp 4 letters PAID
Take apart 4 letters UNDO
Freshman usually 4 letters TEEN
Essence 3 letters NUB
Moved stealthily 5 letters CREPT
Lone flights 5 letters SOLOS
Throw in 3 letters ADD
Golf goal 3 letters PAR
Stop — dime 3 letters ONA
Braille bit 3 letters DOT
Planning time 3 letters EVE
Went ahead 3 letters LED
Straying 6 letters ERRANT
Merchant 6 letters VENDOR
Long long time 3 letters EON
Bond component 4 letters ATOM
Folk learning 4 letters LORE
Tibet setting 4 letters ASIA
Enterprise crewman 4 letters SULU
Veep’s superior 4 letters PRES
Hand cost 4 letters ANTE
Heir at times 3 letters SON

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